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thursday JUL 9
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26 Aug 2019
Annual Educational Project, 'Parampara - Footprints on the Sands of Time'
Annual Educational Project, 'Parampara - Footprints on the Sands of Time' was a whopping success! Congratulations to the entire team!


18 Jan 2019
Primary Day 2018-19
'Primary Day' the much awaited event of the year 2018-19 was celebrated on 18th January, 2019. Based on the theme of the year 'Mera Bharat Mahaan', our Primary Day was titled 'Sound of Music - Desi Beats'. 460 students of classes IV and V participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. The Chief Guest for the day was Ms. Kuchi Srivardhani, popular playback singer and the The Guest of Honour was Ms. Hemalatha Seshadri, Principal, PSBB Millennium School, Coimbatore. As a tribute to the Indian Cinema industry which has spread the colours of our nation globally, our school opened its arms to savor different flavors of Indian life through films. A melange of film music dance and drama captivated the audience's attention and lifted them off their seats.


18 Aug 2018
Project Day 2018-19
The much awaited 'Primary Educational Project' was held on 18th of August '18 titled 'I love My India' in sync with the annual theme 'Mera Bharat Mahan'.

Each class was given a topic and they performed it to perfection.

The grand show commenced w
ith the inaugural function graced by our Chief Guest, Mr. V.R. Govindarajan who was in awe of the various talents displayed. Mr. Govindarajan encouraged the students to dream big and strive to pursue their goals.
This eventful day ended with the Valedictory function. The chief guest Mrs. Shoba Raghavan inspired the students with her encouraging words and was in awe of the display of the students.

The parents were a great support and were completely enthralled with the programme.
A truly mesmerising show was put up in the amphitheatre by classes I and II. The tiny tots of Class I danced to a medley of Indian languages. A combination of 14 patriotic songs brought in the little dancers of Class II.

Class III took us all down memor
y lane with childhood games and also showcasing the recent sports. They also presented a show on traditional Indian Dance and Music. Models of aircrafts and aeroplanes were displayed that helped us understand aviation better. These little ones spread awareness of 'Go Green India' through various useful techniques.

The topic of Class IV was 'Languages in India'. Languages such as Hindi, Sanskrit, Assamese, Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi and Kannada were presented in a detailed way. Students presented and explained the history and importance of the language. The contribution of the language to the world was also highlighted. Literary works of the language was also presented beautifully.

The students of Class V displayed the topic ' India Shining' in an elaborate way. The areas in focus were Medicine and Aerospace. The students presented Ancient and modern medicine in such a way that it intrigued everybody's interest. The field of aerospace gave the audience a chance of experience what space looks like.

As the day progressed, the students learned and explored the known and the unknown aspects of our country at a deeper level.


20 Mar 2018
K.G. Day

‘We are the world, we are its children’ was the theme of the K.G. Day held on 9/3/18.

The beautiful rendition of the Invocation song by the LKG and the graceful dancing by UKG kids gave a great start to the programme. This was followed by a dazzling display of various dance forms seen across the seven continents.

It was a joy to watch all tiny tots dance wondrously to the peppy songs leaving the audience mesmerised.

Super Show by our kids. Hats off!



30 Jan 2017
KG Day Celebration
The fifth KG Day was held on 19th January '17. The program was titled "Nanhe Sitare". It showcased dances and rhymes of six Indian states to connect to the theme of the year "Confluence of Culture". LKG and UKG children participated in this cultural extravaganga. It was an hour long program and was graced by Ms. Saraswathi Krishnaswamy(Educationist) and Ms. Jigisha Roy Majumdar(Vice Principal - Malancha Institute of Dance). It was a joy to watch the tiny tots perform on stage. And the program was a grand success. 


01 Sep 2015
Annual Project Day 2015 - TRIUMPHANT TEN

It was a pleasant sunny morning. Students from various levels went abuzz with excitement about the Annual Educational Project 2015. It’s been 10 glorious years since the inception of PSBB Learning Leadership Academy, Bangalore. On 26 & 27 August 2015 the school celebrated its decennial educational project, aptly titled “TRIUMPHANT TEN”.

Students worked relentlessly on a plethora of topics that ranged from smart city, child welfare, non conventional resources, swachh Bharat-Swasth Bharat, Decathlon, architectural wonders, ten remarkable inventions, ten significant countries and ten dance forms of India. The project aimed to create an awareness amidst students on contemporary world. The school proudly boasts of 100% participation which was one of the ISO objectives.

The Chief guest, Dr Sridhar G, founder of ACE Academy and Deeksha network, in his address to the students, stressed on the need to foster scientific inquiry. The event was also presided by the school Principal, Ms Mahalaxmi Kumar, who lauded the students for their undeterred perseverance in putting up a magnificent display of models.

The two days event culminated with the valedictory function which was presided by  Mr Sharad Aggarwal, trustee, PSBB Millennium group of schools. In his address to the students Mr Sharad, lauded the students for their stupendous models and painstaking efforts.

The project was extremely informative and diffused learning amidst both the students and the visitors.


28 Jan 2015
School Annual Day ' 15

PSBB Learning Leadership Academy held it’s 9th Annual day celebrations on the 24th and 25th of Jan 2015. The cultural programme, titled  “ Om Shivoham”, was centred around the different attributes of lord Shiva and his various signs thus linking it to the years theme “ Signs and Symbols”.

‘Om Shivoham’ showcased the artistic talent of over 800 students, ranging from Kindergarten to class XII. The two day event was graced by the presence of dance maestro, Guru Shri Ashok Kumar on the 1st day and by the stunning, Lakshmi Gopalaswamy a prominent film personality, on the 2nd day.

‘ Om Shivoham’ is PSBB LLA’s third major event of the year. The school’s sports day, “Kreeda Sankhya” and project day, “ Sanketh Sammelam” were both grand successes.


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Annual Educational Project, 'Parampara - Footprints on the Sands of T...
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