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saturday OCT 21
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21 Oct 2017

The “Best class” Award was presented to classes UKG-B, I-C, II-G and III-D for the month of September 2017. This award is given every month to the class that secures the highest score in discipline, cleanliness and behavior.

Congratulations!! Keep it up!


21 Oct 2017
Diwali – Colouring Activity

Deep jalao, deep jalao aaj diwali re, khushi khushi sab hansate aao, aaj diwali re……

On 16th October (Monday), children of class one had a colouring activity on Diwali. They had fun filling colours in the lanterns and sparklers. The festival of lights was welcomed by the children with colourful presentation and enthusiasm.


23 Sep 2017
Assembly on Dasara

To mark the beginning of Dasara, children of UKG conducted a special assembly. They spoke about the different ways, Dasara is celebrated all over India. They concluded the assembly with a melodious rendition of a song on Devi. It was a treat to listen to the young voices.


19 Sep 2017
Show and Tell – Animals

Show and Tell on Animals was held on 13th September 2017. Children brought masks of their favourite animals and spoke confidently about it. These masks adorn the classrooms and corridors making them colourful.


17 Sep 2017
Show and Tell activity- Vegetable

Pre KG children had a 'Show and Tell' activity on Vegetables on 8th September '17. Children got real vegetables and spoke a few lines about the same. It was indeed an audio-visual treat.


17 Sep 2017
Vegetable Market

As an enrichment activity, children had displayed a vegetable market in school. Each class took turns to be farmers, vegetable vendors or customers. Children also experienced, shopping in the modern vegetable super market.


12 Sep 2017

The “Best class” of the month is chosen on the discipline and behavior of the class, as a whole. The winners for the months of June, July and August are:-

 June                          July                             August

UKG E                          UKG C                          UKG F

I B                                I D                                I E

II F                               II C                               II E

III F                              III G                              IIIC

Congratulations children! Keep it up!


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21 Oct 2017
21 Oct 2017
Diwali – Colouring Activity
23 Sep 2017
Assembly on Dasara
19 Sep 2017
Show and Tell – Animals
17 Sep 2017
Show and Tell activity- Vegetable
18 Oct 2017
Class III - GA Activity
13 Sep 2017
Collage Work
10 Sep 2017
Gauri Ganesha Celebrations
28 Aug 2017
Indian Music
03 Jun 2017
Mini Poster designing activity (Classes VI to X)
30 Jan 2017
KG Day Celebration
01 Sep 2015
Annual Project Day 2015 - TRIUMPHANT TEN
28 Jan 2015
School Annual Day ' 15
21 Dec 2014
27 Jun 2014
28 Oct 2016
Special Assembly for Diwali
29 Aug 2016
Krishna Janmashtami Celebration
14 Nov 2014
22 Oct 2014
18 Aug 2014
Janmashtami Celebration