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thursday JUL 19
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The resource coordinator can add its photographs of important events in the Photo gallery. Photographs may be organised into Albums.
LKG - Colour week
KG celebrated colour week from 9.7.18 to 13.7.18 to inculcate the beauty of colours in children. Little ones brought objects such as lady's finger, yellow cap & blue toy and enjoyed in activities like vegetable printing, fruit basket colouring and paper boat sticking with immense enthusiasm.

UKG Colour Week
The week 9/7/18 to 13/7/18 was a joyful and colourful for the UKG. Each day a colour was introduced. White objects using origami paper was displayed, Red objects hanging all over the class, Green colour hand prints on the books, Yellow corn, yummy smilies, juicy frooti etc for snacks and finally the week ended with our little blue berries wearing blue T-Shirt. VIBRANT and SPLASHY CLASSROOMS

Pre-KG Colour Week Celebration
Vibrant colours and beautiful smiling faces of Pre-KG children was a sight to be cherished as the celebrations for the academic year 2018 - 19 started with the COLOUR WEEK (09.07.18 - 13.07.18). Kids brought objects according to the colours assigned for that day and learnt colours in playful, enjoyable way.

Talent's Day - class II and III
Everyone is gifted, but it takes a whole lot of courage to transform the gifts into talents. New students of class II and III exhibited their talents as some children sang bhajans and classical songs, the others displayed their artistic works, while some children took us into the fascinating world of stories, the others danced to keerthans. On the whole it was a fun filled morning.

World International Music Day
UKG began the events for this academic year 2018-19 with the celebration of “World International Music Day”. Children from each section sang songs in Kannada, Hindi or English. Children enjoyed singing and cherished it.

Talent Show - Class IV and V
A Talent show for class IV and V was conducted on 6th July, 2018 for our friends who have newly joined the school. They entertained the audience with their dances, songs, paintings and gymnastics which was thoroughly enjoyed

Stress Management
Teachers of KG, Class I and Class 2 attended a Workshop on "Stress Management" on 7th July 2018. Teachers learnt to plan, recognize and accept limits, talk about their problems, learn to play a sport, decide to be positive, to love yourself more than anybody else and to exercise regularly. Last, but not the least the 2 hour session ended with a video clip of Sri Sadguru's speech and Guided Imagery. The workshop was informative and well accepted by the teachers, they thoroughly enjoyed the session.
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17 Jul 2018
LKG - Colour week
17 Jul 2018
UKG Colour Week
16 Jul 2018
Pre-KG Colour Week Celebration
13 Jul 2018
Talents Day- class II and III
12 Jul 2018
World International Music Day
11 Jul 2018
Talent Show - Class IV and V
02 Jul 2018
Yoga Day GA Activity
26 Jun 2018
GA activity for class IV and V
26 Jun 2018
Class II GA Activity -“ Its in your hands to Keep Earth Happy”
23 Jun 2018
Class I - GA Activity (Garden)
20 Mar 2018
K.G. Day
30 Jan 2017
KG Day Celebration
01 Sep 2015
Annual Project Day 2015 - TRIUMPHANT TEN
28 Jan 2015
School Annual Day ' 15
21 Dec 2014
28 Oct 2016
Special Assembly for Diwali
29 Aug 2016
Krishna Janmashtami Celebration
14 Nov 2014
22 Oct 2014
18 Aug 2014
Janmashtami Celebration