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saturday MAR 24
Photo Gallery

The resource coordinator can add its photographs of important events in the Photo gallery. Photographs may be organised into Albums.
Spin the Yarn
A Story Telling competition was held across all the sections of class II on 21/3/2018 (Wednesday). All the teams had woven stories creatively in the Spin a Yarn round. In the Twist in the Tale round all the teams finished the story with an interesting end. Congrats Winners! 1st place: Ananya Agarwal (II E), Vedanth VedaNarayanan (II E) 2nd place: Oishi Banerjee (II F), Rida Khan (II F) 3rd place: Manasa HarshaVardhanan (II B), Harini Harish (II B) Consolation: Pallavi D (II G), Ashini Swain (II G)

Story Telling Competition
Story telling competition for LKG was held on 16th March 2018. Children were enthusiastic and spoke with a lot of confidence. They enjoyed narrating the stories with action and expression.

K.G. Day
‘We are the world, we are its children’ was the theme of the K.G. Day held on 9/3/18. The beautiful rendition of the Invocation song by the LKG and the graceful dancing by UKG kids gave a great start to the programme. This was followed by a dazzling display of various dance forms seen across the seven continents. It was a joy to watch all tiny tots dance wondrously to the peppy songs leaving the audience mesmerised. Super Show by our kids. Hats off!

Colouring Competition
Tiny Tots of Pre KG took part in a colouring competition on March 16th 2018. The little artists enthusiastically coloured the picture of a fruit bowl using different colours. The event showcased the creativity of children.

INQUIZITIVE – The quiz competition for class I was conducted on Thursday, 15th March 2018. The quiz was set with various questions ranging from G.K to Audio-Visual rounds. Finalists from each of the sections participated which was an enriching experience. The winners are – 1st place- Daivik N Waghela, Vasudha MA, Harshit Tyagi (I-C) 2nd place- Aryaman Bhat, Esha M, Sampreeth Hosanadi (I-D) 3rd place- Vibodh S, Nidhi S, Arjun A (I-F)

An Inter-section Quiz competition was held for class II on 13/3/2018 (Tuesday). The team participated enthusiastically in all the 5 rounds, every round being a mixed bag of questions. The audience went ‘Aah’ and cheered their friends. Congrats Winners! 1st place – Nithin.M, Sourish Saha (2B) 2nd place – Ravuri SriLakshmi (2C) Arjun Sethupathi (2C) 3rd place – Siri.G (2F) Kaustub.B (2F)

Best Class Award
The Best Class Award goes to classes UKG-E, I-D, II-G, and III-F for the month of February 2018.
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